Short Stories


that final cigarette - 2018

BLood and bourbon, DOuble dagger

The red, Mexican dirt crunched under José's boot as his feet strained to keep his body upright. He swayed forward and back. His fingertips kissed the wall behind him for support. The clay wall painted with bullet holes and dried blood.

The Star on the tree - 2014

BK Royston llc

Though it ran fashionably late to the point of inexcusable tardiness, winter had nevertheless arrived. The trees with their pointy caps, the buildings with their shiny, sharp icicle necklaces, and the shrubs with their fluffy coats all adorned themselves in the white that was the fashion of the season.


New LIt Salon Press

The only thing of any particular interest in the small town was the bar. It had few regulars, but many temporary patrons of questionable moral quality. The drinks were cheap, but in enough quantity would bring about all the sensations of drunkenness.



The New York Writers Roundtable is a critique group focused on exchanging feedback on writing drafts. The communal nature of the group means there are no teachers, but all members have the opportunity to submit and give feedback to each other.  

I started this writing group when I first moved to New York in 2017. After moving from Boston and leaving behind an amazing group of supportive and talented authors with the Fresh Pond Writers Workshop, I was looking to find a similar group in New York. Unable to find a group modeled on communal exchange and feedback on full manuscripts, I started my own. This group has already brought together authors with varying types of work including short stories, novels, memoirs, screen and teleplays, and children's fiction.